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Sabang Beach, Palawan (Daluyon Resort)

Somebody asked me to post photos of beaches in the Philippines. Here's one - Sabang Beach in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. It used t be only a jump-off point to reach the St. Paul (now renamed Puerto Princesa) Subterranean River National Park (will post one on that later). Now, its an entirely new destination for people in search of great beaches.

Sabang is a place where you can have an entire beach all by yourself. Well, at least until now. Resorts have started cropping u in the area.

Dawn in Sabang Beach

Got to stay also in a new, high-end resort called Daluyon. It has nice facilities and sprawling landscape. Its really a good place (but would require a deep pocket, though). But I'm more concerned with another high density resort being built in the place. I'm afraid Sabang will eventually lose its charm as a laidback and really good place chill out.

The villas in Daluyon Resort



  1. Sabang beach looks especially nice! Will definitely go there when we visit Puerto Princessa in November.

  2. This beach is also beautiful maybe i could visit this after my vacation in Boracay Island.Thanks for featuring this.

  3. we have also sabang beach somewhere in negros . .but its not nice compare to sabang beach here ..

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