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Dos Palmas Resort, Palawan

Got to stay in this high-end resort in Honda Bay, Palawan. Its been years since I was here and a lot has changed. But the ambience stays the same. Its like when you stay here, you'll feel like you have already made it!

What do I remember aside from the great rooms and nice beach? The food!! You eat until you feel guilty. That was really something.

Before the boat touches the dock, you will be greeted by "flower boys"
on board these kayaks and they really, really throw flower petals into the air!

The Honeymoon Island. I think this is a nice place to be a castaway...

Just didn't have the chance to experience their usual stuff like snorkeling, kayaking, the massage (problem with being ticklish. I know, it quite pathetic..). Got to see some good birds, though. The zebra doves were like guest relations officers, never flying away even if you're only six inches away from them. Not a good challenge for bird photography. Waited for the mantanani scops owl to appear, but it was a no-show.

One thing I like about the island is that they try to be as nature-friendly as they can. The mangroves are left intact, there's a waste water treatment facility, they use solar power (well, a fraction of their energy requirements, anyways), and they have a good inventory of the wildlife.

Well, for a few hours of luxury, Dos Palmas was a great break.


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