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Travel Tips

So you want to get out of your couch and the comfort of your neighborhood? Then copy-paste these travel tips to help you go around freely and away from many potential trouble or inconvenience.

  • To save on luggage space, roll your clothes instead of laying them flat.

  • Always keep some loose change in your pocket. So you can get around even by tricycles.

  • Always bring tissue paper in your travel. It can be used in 101 ways.

  • Never hesitate to ask locals for help or direction. They are always ready to help a traveler in distress.

  • One of the sterling virtues of a traveler is PATIENCE

  • When in a foreign place, be ready with your smile. Locals would be more willing to warm up to you.

  • When traveling, dress conservatively. Its not practical to bring heavy clothes.

  • When you see cute children while traveling, NEVER give them token coins or candies. It will damage their moral values.

  • When exploring a cave, always bring at least 3 sources of light for your safety.

  • Never feed wild animals. They become aggressive later on and may hurt other tourists.

  • Never tempt locals by leaving your things unattended.

  • Always pay when the service is done. AS much as possible, never pay your guides in advance.

  • To get great Filipino food, try to get invited to eat inside a local’s home.

  • To avoid creasing your clothes put each clothing inside a plastic. You can also roll it to save on luggage space.

  • When crossing a road for the first time, observe first the locals. You may get caught jaywalking!

  • Never enter a cave without a guide. Caves can be very dangerous to the brave, but stupid.

  • Please do not collect sand from Boracay as souvenir. Its sugary white sand is almost irreplaceable.

  • Avoid staying under the tropical sun for long periods. Too much sun can actually cook you skin! One or two hours should be enough for good sun bathing.

  • Always bring a cap when discovering places, especially during the summer months.

  • You should bring basic medicines when you travel. These are for colds, stomach cramps, and fever.

  • When traveling for a long period, go to the dentist first. A tooth ache can ruin a great vacation

  • When going for long walks, its best to bring an umbrella. It can significantly lessen exhaustion from heat.

  • Don’t forget to bring a good pair of slippers when traveling.

  • One of the most useful things to have in travel is a malong. It can be used as a blanket, a beach apparel, or a simple body cover.

  • It’s always better to smile and greet the locals you encounter. It makes your travel more positive.

  • Should you eat exotic food offered to you? Why not? They’re made of the same organic compounds as the beef we eat. Besides, its not good shaming a host. But if its made of endangered animal like the sea turtle or deer meat, then have the moral obligation to say no.

  • If you’re not used to it, avoid eating coconut and drinking its juice in the morning. It may cause you great stomach discomfort.

  • Instead of a lot of cash, bring an ATM card. Most of the destinations in the Philippines already have ATM machines.

  • For the girls, try not to wear very skimpy clothing while walking the streets of a rural area. The locals may not find it proper.



  1. nice to hear (read) your lectures again, sir caloy!!

    - Tasha, AIT, T111 Batch 2006

  2. I hope this really develops into a great travel magazine!

  3. I really needed those tips..... for a trip to Hawaii through Austrian Airlines.


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