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Aliwan - Before the parade, there came a heavy downpour

Aliwan Fiesta is a yearly event in Metro Manila awaited by many. Its actually a contest for various street parades participated in by different provinces and cities. So you could just imagine about a thousand street dancers dressed in various and impressive costumes, complete with floats and indigenous and lively dances.

This year, Aliwan is held on May 3 - 5. I came on the second day, the highlight of the event. What greeted me was very, very different.

Almost at the time when the parade was supposed to start (4:00 P.M.), the heavens poured down millions of gallons of rainwater and drenched the parade grounds.

Many thought that the whole thing would be cancelled. The dowpour lasted for more than one hour. Many got wet and shivered in the cold rain. Some street kids paraded half naked and taunted the the audience and participants huddled in some tents and whatever sheds they could find (including me). But when the rain stopped, everybody went back to work, fix the floats, re-arrange the mechandise, and secure a seat or a vantage point. Apparently, the rain only delayed the parade. I interviewed a parade participant who came from Bicol and he said that cancellation is not an option.

Well, that's showing you one kind of Filipino spirit in having great fun.
Strong winds and rain forced everybody to seek under whatever shelter they could find.

Floats were repaired in the midlle of the heavy downpour.

I wondered whether these chairs and tables were be of much use later on.

After the rain, some people went on a camera picture picture! frenzy with the costumed parade participants.

Well, you really have to expect the unexpected in a parade. Here a street beggar suddenly went to have her photos taken.

The clean-up begins, even in the middle of the rain.

People started securing prime spots even in the middle of the rain and more than two hours before the parade came to the area.

Thought that this is a nice way to end this blog....


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