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Itinerary - Daet, Camarines Norte

The town of Daet is actually a destination that you will have to visit and not just pass by on your way to other parts of the Bicol Region. For one, since the Quirino Highway was built, most buses to the southern part of the country do not pass by Daet anymore to save at least 2 hours travel time. Thus, when you visit this province, traffic will be light. But expect long and winding roads before reaching Daet. Better take that anti-dizziness pill. Travel time from Manila takes about seven hours by night bus.

With very little traffic and not-so-known attractions, visiting Daet can be an eye-opener for even seasoned travelers. But given a week-end of discovering the area, you can do the following here: swimming, learning to surf, snorkeling, island-hopping.


10:00 P.M. ETD Manila


5:00 A.M. ETA Daet

Take a tricycle to your hotel and catch some sleep

7:00 A.M. Breakfast

Hire a jeepney or a tricycle to Mercedes which is about 7 kilometers away

Hire a boat to Apuao Grande

Apuao Grande used to be the premier destination in the province where a classy resort was built. The resort is still there, though the operation has been drastically trimmed down. Aside from Apuao Grande, there are other smaller islands that you can visit. Stay for an hour for some swimming and snorkeling in one island then hop on the boat for another. Be sure to bring packed lunch.

3:00 P.M. Back to Mercedes Town proper

Back to Daet


Whole A.M. Hire a jeepney to San Jose Beach in Talisay

Swimming, roll with the waves

This is a very long stretch of gray sand where the waves are most ideal for either surfing or adventure swimming, that is, waiting for a big wave then letting your body roll as the wave hits the beach. A word of caution, don’t do this with the water level beyond your waistline. If you want to try learning how to surf, there are some local surfing dudes who rent out their surfboards and give you some quick lessons. But the better place to find surfboards to rent would be in Bagasbas.

P.M. Transfer to Bagasbas Beach in Daet

Continue Swimming

Bagasbas Beach gave Daet recognition as a tourist destination. This is connected to San Jose Beach. Aside from water sports, numerous restaurants are established in the mini boulevard fronting the beach. Thus, you can have the time of your life watching the waves while sipping your favorite refreshment (say, mango shake?).

Dinner in any of the restaurants in Bagasbas


A.M. Jeepney to Paracale

If you know the term Paracale Gold then you would immediately know that the shining stuff came from this place. Actually gold mining has been an established industry in Paracale even before the Spaniards came here. Although the mining areas are diminishing, the gold industry is still a dominant livelihood of the people of Paracale. You can visit some houses to look at how they make intricate gold jewelry. Then on to the streetside shops to buy not so expensive gold pasalubong.

Lunch Back to Daet for lunch and pasalubong shopping or spend more time Bagasbas for swimming and surfing lessons.

9:00 P.M. ETD Daet


4:00 A.M. ETA Manila


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