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Itinerary - Baguio City

It’s quite unnerving when you reach the age of 25 and somebody would find out that you have never been to Baguio City. This summer capital is like the mecca of every domestic tourist. The good excuse to visit Baguio City is to tell everybody that you haven’t been to this place (and wait for the reaction of your friends). So buy that thick jacket now and get ready to taste the cold spell of this place.


7:00 A.M. ETD Manila

I usually recommend a night bus to get the most time in a destination. But since this will be your first time, a day bus would be better so you can see the sights along the way.

2:00 P.M. ETA Baguio City

Check in hotel or inn

Rest of P.M. Walk Around Session Road and visit the following:

Burnham Park (of curs!)

This is a sprawling man-made park which occupies most of the remaining green area of this growing metropolis. You can just take a leisurely walk in the park or try out the small boats in the lagoon.

Baguio Cathedral

This church majestically sits on a hill and. Good for some visita iglesia and souvenir photos.

Public Market

You can opt to visit the market on your last day to grab loads of usual Baguio pasalubongs like strawberry jams, souvenir stuff, even flowers and vegetables.

Ukay ukay Market

This is where the art of ukay-ukay was actually made into a major industry. Have some fun hunting for cheap, used clothing.


A.M. Camp John Hay

This is a sprawling ground with lots of high class tourist facilities and places to visit. Don’t forget to visit the Lost Cemetery and the eco trail if you want to maximize your time here.

Wright Park

This is one of the “must visit” places in Baguio City.

Mines View Park

Mines View Park is actually a place ideal for seeing the vast mountain views. Today, it has become a very busy shopping place. Just in case you don’t have an idea where the heck is the viewpoint (as the area is dominated by countless shops), see where most of the people are headed. By the way, there might be some kids standing over the dangerous section of the ridge fronting the viewpoint. They would be waiting for people to throw some coins. These kids would then try to catch the coins. DON’T patronize them by throwing coins. It is illegal and you might cause the death of a child.

P.M. Line up for a bottle of Good Shepherd Ube Jam

Many visitors would go all the way here and line up for one or two hours just to bring home a bottle of this famed ube jam.

Or go to the strawberry farms in La Trinidad.

Bring some money for local delicacy-grabbing. Some farm owners would let you pick your strawberry but most would already have some packed delicious fruits ready for the eager buyers. Be warned, though that when you pick the strawberries instead of buying packed ones, you would most probably pay double the amount of the latter.


A.M. Tam Awan Village

This is a tiny village-like spot where traditional Ifugao huts are built. One of its use is that it serves as a haven for artists who can spend their time in the area and possibly sell some of their works.

P.M. Back to Manila


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