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A Thai Hole in the Wall

This blog is a bit off my usual article on everything about Philippine travel and tourism.

But I found a real hole-in-the-wall, real Thai restaurant, peopled by Thai folks, and shared the tiny spot with Thai customers.

In fact, the moment our food was put on the table, i felt a sudden, strange feeling that I was like instantaneously  transported to somewhere in Mekong River. Like I felt being a backpacker about to have dinner in a small, unassuming, local restaurant. Wow.

Siam Aroi Restaurant is located along Jupiter St. in Makati, almost right in front (well, back part) of the Department of Tourism building. The tables are quite few  and the Thai service crew are (literally) new to the city. It's a good thing a Pinay is part of the team so communication is not a problem.

And my nationalist mind is thinking whether we have such kind of Pinoy restaurant in some other country. Yup, serving unadulterated and not the safe fusion kind of cuisine. 

Oh, well.... the tom yum gum was great!


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