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Responsible Tourism - Trash Management

I am often asked how to do practical implementation of responsible or sustainable tourism by colleagues in the industry.

There are so many ways to do it and address hundreds of issues and needs. Say, you want to make the visitors more responsible and disciplined, minimize the impacts to the environment, be sensitive to the local culture.

I think I'm gonna make this blog post the first of a series of discussions on the topic of responsible tourism. I will make an effort to sustain this, but if you notice that I have been faltering, just send me an email or make a comment to wake me up!

Okay, we'll start with one of the most basic and simplest things in site management - trash.

It's the usual headache in tourist sites - visitors throwing their trash all over the place as if trash receptacles are non-existent. Of course, some would say that this problem does not exist in their areas, but we know that they belong to the outliers.

An effective garbage control should practically have receptacles in every strategic point. The challenge then is to incentivize people to actually use those garbage bins.

This is one recommendation: turn the act of putting trash into a receptacle into a game! Then monitor the change in attitude of the visitors and how much garbage is actually collected by the bins. I don't think though that this is an original idea, but its worth pushing.