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I Think Its Time To Overhaul The Philippine Stats

I was in a panic mode (the usual - work best under pressure thing) to find data on provinces and the tourism industry that date back to almost 20 years ago. Of course, it was a very hopeless and pathetic research undertaking. I can make a 100-page report on that, minus the data I need.

But this blog article is not about that. Its this thing I found that came from a government agency. I don't have to write a lot of things because I bet that with just one look, you will see that we really have to overhaul how the government gathers these life and nation-changing information.

I mean, just look at the report that you can download here.

Like.... who hunts nowadays in the Philippines except those who are literally raping our environment?

The tourism believers (like me!) keep saying that the industry may already be contributing 6% to the GDP, but where is that? No OFW remittances, no BPO contribution?....

Okay, its' just a brief report and the entire statistics book might be thrown at me. Like, yeah... they're lumped with business activities and other services.

Pero my gulay..... hunting?

Disclaimer - this is not meant to discredit the government offices. But for them to ________ (fill in the blank na lang kayo).


1 comment:

  1. what do they hunt? Philippine eagles, wild ducks or migratory birds? isn't hunting banned whole year round? or maybe, it's TREASURE hunting? =)