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I Just Unearthed a 1960 Manila Travel Guide in UP-AIT Library

To my friends in the travel industry, your jaws will surely drop when you read this post. I was smiling the whole time reading this "treasure" and found out that many things have not really changed, well, except the prices.

Most probably written by an American expat, the book gives valuable insights on Manila and places that expats and tourists can go to. Now, I wonder how the old cosmopolitan Manila must have looked like when it was one of the most beautiful cities in the East (despite its total destruction during the second world war)

 Yup, this is how old it can get.

Nothing really changed pala! The barkers, cocheros who fleece the tourists, the drivers, even the passengers who willed their fate to higher beings while riding a public transport.

Now, I want to go to those snooty, only-the-rich-can-afford clubs and pay my membership fee!

Keep checking out this blog as I try to find more of those forgotten travel materials that would have been incinerated or ondoyed (you know what this means) if not for our precious libraries.


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