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How to Find Your Facebook Number

This is not travel-related, but this is fun. Find out your exact number when you signed up for Facebook. And I thought I was an early bird only to be surprised that I was already in the vicinity of 600 millionth user. To find out your number, just follow these very simple steps:

1. Go to

 2. Go to your profile (just click your name in the upper-right portion of the page)

 3. In the URL (web address), just change the "www" to "graph". Tap ENTER, and there you have it! I'm number - 633633383, that's 633,633,383th user.

Update: Uh, oh.... after some other friends tried this, we suspect that it may not be chronological based based on some random or algorithm thing. Like one friend got a number of 1 billionth++ when she joined FB several years before it gained that magical "B" number. Well, its been fun, though.  


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