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Dolphin Watching in Puerto Princesa

I've been to quite a number of dolphin watching activities. Even participated in the first marine mammal expedition for possible dolphin watching as an ecotourism product in the Philippines back in 1994.

I've seen one one dolphin after three days of scanning the seas, up to more than 200 jumping and playing intelligent sea creatures that made the sea look like its boiling from all the dolphins jumping and spinning all over the place.

But the dolphin watching tour in Puerto Princesa will be quite hard to beat! With generally calm waters and an average of 100 dolphins per encounter, this is definitely one of the best sites to discover nature.

To make your trip more meaningful, look for the dolphin tour operator managed by the local communities so that you can help make a difference to the locals who are members of the organization.

And with a bit of luck, you may even be rewarded with a very nice sunrise as you leave the port of Puerto Princesa.



  1. Hi Sir Caloy! This is really exciting! Just wanted to ask when is the best season for dolphin watching? Many thanks! :)

  2. Hi Rach! The season for dolphin watching is March - Novermber.