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Pinoy English Terms that Baffle Native English Speakers

Of course, we all know that SALVAGE is a free choice between saving something and killing somebody. And there are a lot of other words that Pinoy use which simply raise the eyebrows and drop the jaws of people who grew up in countries where they actually, almost exclusively speak English.

What actually got me thinking was when I accompanied a group of American travel agents. While in the bus and going around the city, they kept asking me questions that I had a hard time answering. And those were words they saw on signs that were written in English! I kept mumbling. "weh?"

So, taralets! Lets see some of them English word we now own!

Dormer - A U.S. lady asked me, "What's a dormer?"

Bedspacer - I was still trying to come up with a feeble answer when another interjected "How about bedspacer?"

Nosebleed - no matter how many times you try to explain this to non-Pinoys. They simply could not fathom this one.


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  1. Another term is "bold" and "bold star"! "Bold" has a more wholesome meaning in other Englishes and "bold star" means only an "actor/actress who has a strong performance"