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Voting for the Top 10 Emerging Destinations

would like to invite you to please vote for the top 10 emerging destinations in the Philippines.

Its an advocacy campaign by Pricewaterhouse Coopers - Philippines, otherwise known as Isla Lipana & Company.

When I got invited to be part of the undertaking (as a judge), I kinda raised my bushy eyebrows and murmured to myself, "why should an auditing firm (an Auditing which is very far from the Tourism) be interested to dip its hands on tourism matters?"

After a few more minutes into the discussion, I finally understood their main reason. The usual top destinations are not included anymore. The focus will be on emerging ones that would need a more decent amount of support to gain their real potential in tourism development in terms of not just for visits, but also for possible investments. Yup, its a development advocacy for those destinations outside the radar of most tourists and investors.

I should also tell you that the top 10 sites will not just receive a plaque of bragging rights but also more support that Isla Lipana can provide. We just have to find out once the list is finalized and the commitments sealed.

Please click this link, pick your top 10 choices, and if you're asked who campaigned like an evangelist to convince you to vote, just type my name or this blogsite. Don't worry, I won't get anything if you type my name. It will just be my bragging rights that you are my friend. hah!! :)

You know, you can greatly help your area by voting and help spreading this campaign. :D

This would end sometime in the early weeks of September 2013. 


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