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Reviving, Reliving Harana in Tourism

I just read a heartwarming article on a short film on Harana and I suddenly remember an idea i shelved a long time ago.

You see, people make it a point to know and pleasantly discover the culture of the places they visit. And it would be a great shame if we, as the hosts of the destination, hide it from them. Its even a tragedy if we completely forgot about our culture. At the rate we're going, shame + tragedy would not even equate to complete loss divided by ignorance and non-interest.

So, how about this for my friends in the resort industry? Why don't you develop an authentic Filipino culture that will definitely soothe the spirits and create a more compleat experience for your guests. You guessed it right - why not introduce HARANA in your property?

Oh, yes... You will then ask me - omg/wtf/rofl how how the carabao?

Here's my idea -

1. Find out if one of the guests is a lady (no matter what age)
2. Give the guest/s a slip of paper with the note - "if you want to experience an authentic Filipino culture of being serenaded, please turn on the light by the cottage window and you will be visited by our dashing singers by ___ p.m. Of course, you can make a better statement or just do away with the note-note thing. But taking away the note also takes away a bit of the romance, isn't it?
3. Then the nocturnal wonderment happens. Your guests will probably become happy (and hopefully not annoyed).
4. Give them a piece of the lyrics with the translation and some explanation of harana to complete the loop.

When you decided to do this, get back to me if its a success and just give a GC for the free idea. LOL!

Here's the link to the article -


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