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Staycationing is a Great Travel Alternative - Our stay in Acacia Hotel in Alabang

When asked why a person travels, the usual answers are to discover new places and bond with somebody dear.

And when asked why travel is not a priority, the usual replies would be lack of time and money.

There is actually a way to throw those positive and negative answers into one bin, mix them up real well, and.. voila! You can have the word called, STAYCATION.

In the current world where nouns become verbs and independent words become combined silly terminologies, staycationing should be a welcome vocabulary entry for people who want to discover new places, bond with dear ones, but simply don't have the time nor enough money to travel.

Staycationing is a way to open your eyes to the viewpoint of a stranger eager to discover your own place and be pleasantly surprised that you could say, "hey! we've got  a lot of beautiful places in our community, pala!"

So with only a weekend to ram into our family schedule (with all the laundry and grocery gigs waiting for our attention), wifey and I decided to bring the brood to Acacia Hotel in Alabang which is just a few kilometers and some road shortcuts from our home.

The new hotel is actually a nice surprise as it has a very impressive lobby... but enough of that usual tourism thing (sorry, can't help it as I automatically go into "tourism research mode" whenever I enter any facility).  I went into observing things that are more relevant - how the staff treat their guests (passed with flying colors!), and observing other clients. And what do you know? We actually saw A LOT of families enjoying their weekend in the hotel as we were. So, our decision to staycation was shared by many living near our community!

The nice thing with business hotels in the metropolis is that on weekends, when many of their expat guests go off and spread out to the tourist  destinations in the provinces, the hotels become ideal territories of the locals (and a very good time to ask for local-friendly rates :D)

So what do you have to ensure that the kids would enjoy their "travel?" - definitely food and a swimming pool! Not really a sandy type of experience, but great nonetheless.

The good thing about Acacia Hotel is that its only walking distance from the West Gate near Ayala Alabang and we got to have some great eats in Kanin Club and Cafe Breton.

Was it worth it to spend your time and money in your own place than to hop on a bus or a plane to some far-away place? Definitely! And the kids are already asking where we will go next.


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  1. How much do their "local-friendly rates" cost?