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Bayanihan Parade

For almost a decade, I held on to this idea of an event that is uniquely and proudly Filipino. It would be a very compelling moment that should leave the participants ecstatic and the audience bewildered.

Friends told me to keep this idea secret and shared only to those who are in the position to make this into a reality... and with me in it.

I did keep it confidential and shared only to a very few people.

But I guess a decade of confidentiality and waiting is long enough. And I bet, this is not a unique idea. Some may have already thought of this. Also, many more would claim that this was originally their idea once they read this. 

Actually, I don't care. People, government agencies or private entities can take this, steal this, share this.... I just want this done by whoever and wherever. 

I will not go into details, but show the pages of the powerpoint presentation I already shared to some (just excuse the watermarks that serve as shallow claim to ownership and opportunity to show my other tourism advocacy).

The Philippines and the Filipino people deserve this kind of an event to remind them of their true spirit.


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