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Water Glide in Lila, Bohol

In my tourism advocacy,  I always say that one of the easiest things to do in the industry is PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. Just look for that unique definer, the most interesting story you can dig out, and you can have that product!

Take a look at this waterway that was actually built as an irrigation canal in Lila, Bohol. The headwater comes from a spring and flows through more than a kilometer of concrete line. And guess what? The kids in the town are having a great time sliding with the water and having a most unforgettable time of their lives!

The last time I visited the area, the town mayor wanted to make this into a tourist attraction. The canal leads all the way to the beach area. Check this out! It should be very interesting to spend a few hours sliding through this attraction in the probins! 

Lila is less than an hour away from Tagbilaran City, going to the east.

Here's another interesting trivia on the town - When I was involved in marine mammal conservation programs (and there was no law yet banning the capture and killing of whales and dolphins in the country), the beaches of Lila used to be the place where captured marine mammals were slaughtered. Back in those days (up to mid 90's), if you walk on its beaches, you would see bones of big whales and dolphins. We even dug up an entire jawbone of a Bryde's Whale! 

Of course, these days, the killing of marine mammals has stopped and they are slowly recovering in the more friendly waters of Bohol.



  1. sadly we didn't go here when we went to Bohol... thanks for the post, another spot on my list.. :)

  2. Thanks Riki! Its always nice to think that you have a good excuse to go back to a place you enjoyed visiting. :D

  3. Last yr. it took as an hour walking to find this place, ends up washing our feet evening already, no lights at all, it's still safe but I regret I didn't spend more time when sun is awake... Looking forward this coming Oct 06, 2013 for fiesta in Malinao East, Lila, we'll visit this place daytime, hehehe