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Native Chicken

Setting: Conching’s Native Chicken and Fastfood, Cebu City

How does a native chicken taste like? Strange question when every chicken should taste like, well, chicken.

Its actually quite a hassle eating native chicken. The meat is usually a bit darker than the ones that are bought in the grocery. That same meat is usually very lean and sticks very close to the bone.

Then why is the Conching’s Native Chicken and Fastfood always full with Cebuano customers? The answer is really very simple – because native chicken tastes better! Its actually hard to explain this and convince the typical human used to eating commercial chicken. Try asking your father, uncle or grand dad and you will probably get the same answer. “Because it tastes great! Now, finish that chicken.” No more lame culinary justification.

Conching is located near the SM mall in Cebu City. It really looks like an ordinary eatery (but with larger dining area), plus you will see cars of all models in the adjoining street and parking space.

This is the same part of a culinary article I wrote for Dispatch Magazine.


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