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Pasig River - A Gem Covered with Muck

Two days from now (Oct 10) ABS-CBN Foundation will attempt to make a world record on running, the primary purpose of which is to bring awareness to the plight of Pasig River.

Its actually not that difficult to clean up the river..... yes... Money is always there (it just gets diverted elsewhere), there are enough people who can help. Its really about the national leadership and mayors of Metro Manila willing to step up to clean up the river. They've done it in so many other countries, there's no stupid reason why we cannot do it here.

Although tourism will benefit from a clean Pasig River, at the end of the day, it is really not about that industry. Its about the people living in a cleaner and more pleasant environment. A cleaner environment that attracts more investment and growth, a cleaner environment that improves the quality of life of the population, and yes, a cleaner environment that will define who the Filipino really is.

This is quite difficult to believe - despite its present condition, Pasig River holds some charm for those willing to discover it. I've got some level of confidence that I actually included the Pasig River as a tourist attraction in Manila through our travel website and iPhone app -

If you don't believe me, lets set a date to discover the hidden beauty of Pasig River :D


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