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Birdwatching in the Philippines Volume 1

These are the selected pages of the book published by the Department of Tourism which I was very lucky to be part of as the writer of the material. This is one advocacy that is very close to my heart. By promoting birdwatching, the Philippines will not only benefit from tourism, but nature also will be given the chance to be protected and appreciated by the locals through the more environment-friendly activity of watching birds (instead of shooting or using slingshots on them!).

This book is a product of collaboration of the Department of Tourism (through its marketing arm, the Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporation), R.O.X., and the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.

I have to thank the Philippine Convention and Visitors Bureau for allowing me to publish these pages in my blog. Please note that I don't have any copyright thing on all the photos (they are in low-res jpegs, anyways...). You may have to contact the PCVC or the photographers if you want to have a good copy of the bird photos.

This goes on until 14 entries.

Stay tuned for Volume 2! Yes, its already published.....


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