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Some of My Travel Adventures

Before I grow old and forget a lot of things, Im writing some of my travel adventures.

How many times have I almost died? - 12 (if I were a cat, I would have been doomed!)
- The car I was riding in almost fell off a ravine in Tagaytay.
- The van I was riding in almost fell off a cliff in Dapitan City
- A rock the size of a car rolled between our car and that of former DOT (then) undersecretary Alunan when we went on a relief operation in Baguio City after an earthquake
- I almost lost my grip on a rope while inside a deep cave in Marinduque
- I fell off a ravine in Taal Volcano, but a miracle happened, I landed on a ledge!
- I almost fell off a deep ravine in Antique when I tripped and slid on a steep trail. Luckily, a piece of wood caught the strap of my backpack
- I slipped on a waterfall cascade. Luckily, I landed on my feet.
- I almost drowned when we helped a woman from drowning in a deep basin of a waterfall in Famy, Laguna
- A big rock landed on my head which made my face awfully bloody in Aurora. Luckily, I got a very thick skull. I got the rock as a souvenir!
- A lightning almost hit me in Turtle Island in Tawi-tawi
- I got caught in the middle of a storm in Sibuyan, Romblon (the one in Coron was nothing)
- I really thought I was going to die while crossing an improvised path in a landslide in Antique (this should not be counted, thought. My balls just raced up my throat)
- I Majayjay, Laguna, a snake was right in front of my face, ready to strike me. But I did not notice it as I was busy looking at a beautiful flower.


The food that I ate
- Balut? naahhh...half the macho Filipinos and courageous girls eat balut like boiled egg.
- Sashing - sea worm that actually looks like.... white worm... or spaghetti... (in Ilo-ilo)
- Grilled bee larvae in Cambodia
- Fried Ants in Cambodia - Frog (no issue, actually)
- Plants and tree leaves in UP campus (of course, only the edible ones that my botanist-friend attested as safe to eat). Like we would walk beside some buildings, pick some leaves, rub them clean on our shirts, then chew them down. Great snacks!


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