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Provinces & Destinations - Aurora

Casiguran Sound
Almost like a lake, Casiguran Sound is a bay nearly enclosed by the Casiguran landmass and the peninsula of San Ildefonso . Only a kilometer wide inlet serves as a connection of the area to the sea. Its very location provides some protection from typhoons that visit the area.

Cemento Beach and Reef
Brgy. Cemento, Baler

White sand, seashells and crushed corals could be found along the stretch of Cemento Beach . The area is recommended for expert or professional surfers as the waves break at the reef and is on the right hand break type. The area is likewise suitable for body boarding activity.

Charlie's Point

Medium quality right and left break waves on sand/gravel bottom. The waves are best in December and January. The surf scenes from the movie "Apocalypse Now" was filmed here.
Cobra Reef in CementoBaler
The area produces excellent quality right break waves over sharp reef. It is one of the spots most frequented by Australians, Europeans and Japanese surfers in Aurora .

Dicasalarin, San Luis

A place of multiple attractions, this natural cove displays a kilometer long white beach. On the left side is a steep imposing hill while on the right side is a peninsula and a cave. Each part of Dicasalarin holds its very own attractions and some of which are ideal for various recreation activities.

Dingalan White Beach
Brgy. Paltic, Dingalan

This two-kilometer long beach has numerous shells and corals scattered along the entire length of its southern half which is approximately a kilometer long. This area gives a variety of undersea flora and fauna for the divers to observe.

Ditumabo Falls
Brgy. Ditumabo, San Luis

Approximately a hundred and forty feet high, the falls is surrounded by huge cliffs covered with tall hardwood, shrubbery and vines while sprays of cool water seem to remain suspended in the air.

Something weird and almost fatal accident happened to me here. I was having a luxurious bath in the river when a huge rock (as in a 4-kilo, 8-inches in diameter solid thing) landed on my head and created a nasty and bloody cut which made one of my companions almost faint when he saw the blood streaming down my face. The rock appently got dislodged from the wall and unfortunately zeroed-in on the top of my head. Well, my head was fortunately very thick and I survived that freak accident.

Quezon's Resthouse
Poblacion, Baler

This resthouse is a quaint blue wooden cottage where the Quezon couple, their family and relatives stayed during vacations in Baler. This place has a wide backyard with lawn and a garden.

Sabang Beach
Brgy. Sabang, Baler

Located on this long stretch of gray sand beach are several resorts. The place provides a good beachfront for swimmers and an expert challenge for windsurfers. Glassy right and left waves in the morning.


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