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A Day in Caylabne Resort

Had a day in Caylabne Bay. My trigger finger had a grand time
taking shots at the sights and characters of Caylabne Bay Resort.

With the forest directly behind the resort. Caylabne is actually a very scenic and ideal place
to visit. The air is so clean, and the winds are refreshing. A true tropical, errrhhmm... paradise....
If only the beach water becomes much clearer. Well, one can't have it all...

The resort is situated in front of the historic Corregidor Island. The ship-like structure
on the right side
is actually a fort (with big guns) made of steel built by the
Americans when the Philippines was a colony of that empire.

Time for birdwatching...

A Brahminy Kite. Caylabne is one of the few places
in the Philippines where raptors fly unmolested.

How the resort complex looks like. I really have a problem with my
photo style. My shots tend to be tilted...

Asian Glossy Starlings

These marines are not invading the resort. They participated in the beach
clean-up held during some special day for the environment.

A small butterfly. The Philippines has hundreds (thousands ba, Ate Lyds?) with a great percentage of endemic ones. Sadly, I would guess that there are less than ten Filipinos who know things about butterflies. I don't include the collectors who kill or buy butterflies for display or some selfish reasons.

An explosion of colors (must have read that in a brochure somewhere...)


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