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Rock Wall Farming in Alcoy, Cebu

Sometimes, when you travel, the rewards come not in the form of beauty, or ambience, or even adventure. It could be about gaining knowledge and realizations on the struggles of our humanity. You witness something you thought would be improbable, then you go home thinking, that - "yeah, there's a solution to every situation!"

Got to see the so-called Rock Wall Farming in the town of Alcoy in Cebu Province. Actually, I was there to see the elusive Cebu Flowerpecker (which I did!). We had to pass through this patch of farmland near the forest area.

This area of Alcoy has a very thin topsoil and largely dominated by limestone substrate. Using their own hands and simple tools, the locals slowly engineered the area to save the remaining soil from erosion and convert whatever tiny patch of soil for farming. Seeing this, I'm remininded how nature survives in poor environments like a limestone area, such as the one in Puerto Princesa Subterranean National Park in Palawan. There, plants can grow on tiny pockets of soil, some no more than a cup-full.

The rock wall farming may not be a grand tourist attraction, but it can add to the quality of your experience when you see one.


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