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Portrait of the Philippine Eagle

Got to see up close the majestic Philippine Eagle a few days ago at the Eagle Camp in Davao City. It could really make you stare in awe. Can't wait to see one in the wild! I bet that will blow my breath away.

Its was known as the Monkey-eating eagle (it could really lift monkeys up in the air). Its favorite food are small mammals (including juvenile deers). Its now officially known as the biggest eagle in the world. Measurements were based on the beak, weight, wingspan, etc. It took the number one position from the Harpy Eagle.

The Philippine Eagle is now a highly endangered species with a few hundred believed to be left in the dwindling forest areas in the Philippines. For people out there, you can help save this noble flier from extinction by supporting the organization that's been working for more than 20 years to save this animal. Its very costly to sustain their endeavor. Those guys have literally given all of themselves for their cause. We can put a little of ourselves here even just by a few pesos. Just google the Philippine Eagle Foundation to see their contact details.


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  1. Hi, I am writing a blog that gives trivia about eagles. Is it okay if I borrow your photos? I will credit the photo/s to your site. Looking forward to your response. Thanks.