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Itinerary - Laoag, Ilocos Norte

Welcome to the gateway of the north. Ilocos Norte is replete with numerous cultural and historical structures dashed with some outstanding natural destinations.


8:00 P.M. ETD Manila


6:00 A.M. ETA Laoag City


9:00 A.M. Hire a jeepney or a service vehicle and visit the following:

St. William’s Cathedral
The centers of the old towns are usually dominated by the church. Get the chance to visit this place and marvel at the Spanish-inspired architecture.

Sinking Bell Tower
This is the bell tower of the St. William’s Cathedral. And it was built about 80 meters from the church! The reason? Just in case an earthquake hits the area, the bell tower would not topple down on the church! Another thing to be noted is the name of the bell tower. Yes, its continually sinking.

Paoay Lake
Quite a scenic place with the lake dominating the scene.

Paoay Church
This is a really special church with impressive architecture and massive buttresses. Don’t leave Ilocos Norte without seeing this church!

Malacanang of the North
Or Malacanan Ti Amianan in the Ilocano language. Yup, this used to be the resthouse of a former president during his heyday.

Fort Ilocandia
This is really a resort located in a vast open space. You can take a peek of this complex and marvel at the architecture. Or you can opt to spend your night and throw some money unto a gambling table.

Marcos Mausoleum

Unless the remains of the former president has been transferred, a visit to this place can give you some surreal experience. Reality bites - everybody, no matter how strong or popular, has to finally be laid to rest.


Whole Day Hire a jeep for a swim in any of the following:

Ideal to get that great tan and spend the rest of the day swimming and snorkeling. There are also resorts here so you can check-in should you wish to spend the night here.

La Paz Sand Dunes
Actually, there is a beach area right at the edge of this desert. So swimming can be an option.

This is also often used as a location spot for films. Try to imagine the Panday killing all the ghouls in the hot sands.

9:00 P.M. ETD Laoag City


5:00 A.M. ETA Manila


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