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We Owe Our Civilizations to OCs!

Come to think of it, can you try to imagine how the world would look like if there were no OCs (obssessive-compulsive) in this world?

The OCs are the ones who are obssessed with order, with cleanliness, with numbers, and with whatever that resembles symmetry. They cannot bring themselves to compromises. Everything that they are obsessed with will have to be made in perfect form, or else, they die of frustration!

If not for the OCs, would we have the great pyramids? the Stonehenge? the great monuments and the palaces? Heck, I doubt if we would have well-planned cities if not for the OCs.

The next time you wonder and try to see the perfections of the landmarks and cultural treasures of the countries you visit, you can perhaps conclude that the OCs were responsible for them.

So, we do not only owe the great man-made tourist attractions to the OCs, but perhaps our great civilizations as well.
This article is a salute to the OCs of the world! Ang galing nyo!


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