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Palawan Itinerary

I've always been asked how to best enjoy Palawan. Im sharing this itinerary should you want to visit Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Its a tried and tested itinerary enjoyed by lots of my friends and their friends.

Always touted as the last frontier of the Philippines, the island province of Palawan holds true to that reputation. This area is considered as one of the few dream destinations for many seasoned and would-be travelers. With more than a thousand islands, islets, cays and shoals and matched by impressive limestone cliffs, excellent coral reefs, cultures and other interesting natural treasures, I recommend that you allot at least three to four days of your entire lifetime to visit the attractions in Palawan.

6:00 A.M. ETD Manila

7:00 A.M. ETA Puerto Princesa City
Take a tricycle or get to a service vehicle
Check-in Hotel or Lodging House

After Breakfast
Hire a tricycle or a service vehicle for a city tour

Visit the following:

Butterfly Farm
This is a private lot that was converted into a butterfly farm where one can see butterflies in all stages of their lives. Adult butterflies flutter about in a landscaped garden where tourists can freely walk.

Iwahig Penal Colony
This is actually a prison area where the inmates are given the chance to become farmers and workers in the sprawling land. A visitor can buy handicrafts made by the prisoners.

Crocodile Farm
A different kind of farm where crocodiles are kept in captivity to help their species survive in the Philippines. More than 500 crocodiles call this home. Visitors can see the skeleton of a huge man-eater that gobbled up people in the past. They will also be given lectures on the ecological importance of crocodiles and later, made to walk on steel boardwalks located on top of crocodile pens. Have some pesos ready for a photo opportunity while holding a baby croc and buying some souvenir items make of crocodile teeth. Try to cajole the staff into telling you the stories on the man-eaters they caught in the wild.

There are also cages of different animals they rescued from poachers and traders.

Late P.M. Back to Accommodation
Dinner (Accommodation or city restaurant)
Recommended: Kaluis, Kinabuch, Kamarikutan

Early A.M. Proceed to Honda Bay by hired tricycle or service vehicle (must have packed lunch)

Honda Bay is one of the must-visit destinations in Puerto Princesa. It has numerous small islands that are usually ringed by white sands. Get ready to have tanned skin under the sun while having the time of your life swimming, snorkeling and sun bathing.

Whole Day Island Hopping
Snake Island
Pandan Island
Any other island in the area

Late P.M. Back to city proper

7:00 A.M. Proceed to Sabang for a visit to St. Paul Subterranean River National Park (okay, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park). Either hire an FX or service vehicle.

10:00 A.M. ETA Sabang
Transfer to a boat

10:30 A.M. ETA Park
Wait for your turn to explore the cave by boat

Lunch at the park area

2:00 P.M. Exploration should be finished by this time

Take boat back to Sabang

2:30 P.M. ETD Sabang

5:00 P.M. ETA city proper

Early A.M. Panic Shopping
Hire a tricycle and visit the souvenir stores in the city
Actually, there is an easy way – you can buy a lot of items at the souvenir shop beside the airport. You can do this after you have checked-in and while waiting for your flight.

11:00 A.M. ETD Puerto Princesa City

12:00 NN ETA Manila
Back to Reality


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  1. boss caloy! kelan kayo nagpunta? just went there nung holy week. sayang dapat nagsabay na tayo. hehehe