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Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay

From part of the sea where I used to swim in polluted waters in the 70's (i was a veeery young kid then, okay?), this section of the Metropolis is now a sprawling ground for various facilities. And some are actually great tourist finds - like this Dampa style, food galore, section. This is where you buy raw food stuff (ala-palengke), then have it cooked in one of the restaurants in the area. Tip: you get the best value for your money if you come with a minimum of four persons in your group.

If you don't have plans to get a gourmet adventure in this part of Macapagal Avenue on a Friday night, I suggest you take a different route as the traffic can become a poster shot of how a traffic looks like in the Philippines.

Another great find is the Balikbayan shop where you find local crafts and great souvenir items. The stuff they sell actually look pricey. But here's a tip: ask for a discount and most likely you'll get a good rebate (except for the t-shirts, and maybe some other stuff).


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