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Greenbelt, Makati

Although its quite far from my house, and I say to myself that I will try to avoid going to Makati because of the usual traffic, one-way streets (I really promised myself never to drive in that part of Metro Manila), there are actually some very good greens in the central business district. Like this landscape made between Greenbelt 3 and 4. what a refreshing way to be reminded of nature. Its like a tiny oasis in the middle of huge buildings that look like dipterocarp, concrete trees that try to outgrow each other.



  1. sir caloy! paula here. i still work at the ayala museum! just beside the park in your blog. hehe. Visit the museum sometime May. we'll be opening our fourth floor galleries with exciting exhibits! hope to see you there! =)

    Paula Fernandez

  2. Hi Paula, I was wondering nga kung nandun ka sa museum when I attended an event there, kaya lang gabi na. Nyways, sige drop by ako minsan dyan.


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