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Itinerary - Dumaguete-Bais City, Negros Or.

This destination is a real paradise for tourists seeking nature. Imagine seeing hundreds of dolphins, spending your afternoon, in a sandbar, walking on mangrove boardwalks, and swimming. What else can you ask for?

A.M. Arrive by plane to Dumaguete City
Check-in at hotel
Proceed to Apo Island
*note: if possible, try to stay overnight in a resort in Apo Island
What to do: swimming, snorkeling, community visits

Apo Island is famous for scuba diving and snorkeling. But it is also very ideal for swimming. It also gained respect and recognition because the local community has been active in protecting their coral reefs.

P.M. Back to Dumaguete City (or OVN in the island)

Proceed to Bais City
In the morning, look for dolphins, lunch on-board the boat. Nothing beats seeing whales and dolphins in the wild!

In the afternoon, proceed to the sand bar for some swimming opportunities. I suggest that you spend the time here till dusk, specially if the low tide is towards the afternoon.

P.M. Back to Dumaguete City

DAY 3 City tour of Dumaguete
Explore Silliman University and the Marine Laboratory
Silliman University is a premier education institution in the region. This is a vast complex extending to several hundred hectares. The Marine Laboratory contains some display of marine life plus bone of dolphins and whales.

A.M. Shopping opportunities
Free Time

Depart for Manila


1 comment:

  1. for day4-you can go to twin lake and antulang and even to kasa roro waterfalls..
    twin lake is soo amazing, you can tour the entire lake by boat and experience nature ans serenity..
    antulang is good for swimming, they have a pool and the beach is great too..